Sparrows Helps Dozier Elementary Achieve Technology Goal

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Sparrows Helps Dozier Elementary Achieve Technology Goal

Upon finalizing their 5 year tech plan last year, the Dozier Elementary technology committee set an “Eye on Tech” campaign in motion to gain resources for teachers and students. During the first year, they were able to receive grade level digital cameras, flip cameras, a few classroom computers and some software licenses with the help of parents and community organizations.

With the beginning of a new year at hand, the committee made a decision to set their sights on adding interactive Promethean Boards classrooms which had none.

When the district had technology funding during the 2007 and 2008 years, technology courses were offered by the district for interested teachers/schools to earn Promethean Boards.  Fortunately, many Dozier Elementary educators took advantage of the offer at that time and earned interactive white boards

With a successful first year with their tech plan, the priority of the tech committee switched gears and it was decided that if donations or grants were made available this year, the school would work on purchasing more interactive white boards for the remainder of the classrooms.  As a popular resource, the interactivity of the boards provide hands-on lesson which engage students.

On Friday, January 20th Sparrows, offered a helping hand by delivering a check to Dozier Elementary Principal Karla Toups and Assistant Principal Natalie Hebert allowing the school to purchase the final Promethean Boards needed for every classroom.

Toups stated how “excited and appreciative the school was to receive funding to complete this project in just five months.” She also added “now that we have acquired money to purchase the boards, comes the responsibility of educating our teachers in how utilize these powerful resources effectively in our classrooms.” Hebert also commented by saying “Our journey isn’t finished yet. We have the boards, now we want to see our students engaged by using them in the most productive way possible.”

To accomplish that, means arranging Professional Development opportunities for those gaining boards. The technology committee immediately set up a “phase one” Promethean Board training session for several teachers under the direction of with District Technology Specialist Mike Dartez on January 25th at the Technology Center.

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