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Life in the Digital Classroom

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Stacy Bodin LACUE 2011 Resources from Session! PowerPoint (with links to actual student videos) PDF File (PPT but in PDF Version) Goal and Purpose of the session • To get away from lecturing 100% or the time or to alleviate children sitting idle, which many of us grew up with. • To meet the needs of the […]


The Brasseaux Line

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Auguste Brasseaux was the son of Joseph Brasseaux (1775 – 1803) and Théodose Gautreaux (September 3, 1775-1813). He was born in St. Gabriel on August 27, 1800. He  married Suzanne Primeaux (September 24, 1810- January 24, 1870), daughter of Francois Primeaux (1787 – 1833) and Justine Baudoin (1787–1877). Note: The list of Francois and Justine […]