The Brasseaux Line

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Auguste Brasseaux was the son of Joseph Brasseaux (1775 – 1803) and Théodose Gautreaux (September 3, 1775-1813). He was born in St. Gabriel on August 27, 1800. He  married Suzanne Primeaux (September 24, 1810- January 24, 1870), daughter of Francois Primeaux (1787 – 1833) and Justine Baudoin (1787–1877). Note: The list of Francois and Justine Primeaux’s children can be found on page 44.

Auguste and Suzanne Brasseaux married on October 4, 1825 at the Vermilionville Church in Lafayette Parish. By the 1840′s they had moved south to the Abbeville area in Vermilion Parish. Auguste died near Abbeville on November 12, 1862 at 62 years old.

Their children included:

1.Elmire Brasseaux   b: April 5, 1827 in Lafayette, LA

2.Aladin Brasseaux   b: May 21, 1828 in Lafayette, LA

3.Joachim Brasseaux   b: October 1829 in Lafayette, LA

4.Teleide Brasseaux   b: April 23 1832 in Lafayette, LA

5.Victorine Brasseaux   b: February 5, 1833 in Lafayette, LA

6.Aureline Brasseaux   b: March 21, 1836 in Lafayette, LA

7.Adrien Brasseaux  b: December 8, 1839 in Lafayette, LA

8.Joseph Brasseaux   b: September 23, 1845 in Abbeville, LA

9.Gustave Brasseaux   b: January 4, 1851 in Abbeville, LA

One Brasseaux son was Aladin, the father of  Ophe Brasseaux. He was born in Lafayette Parish on May 21, 1828. In March 1856, he married Belzire Broussard (b. June 26,  1836), who was the daughter of fellow Acadians, Don Louis Martin Broussard and Magadeline Beniot in the Abbeville Church.

Aladin’s children all born in Abbeville, Louisiana included: Marie Umea Brasseaux  b:  January 16, 1857; Ophe Brasseaux (b: September 25,  1863; Galbert (Albert) Brasseaux  (b: around 1861); Ophelia Brasseaux  (b: September 25, 1870);  and Joseph Edward Brasseaux (b: 13 February 1878).

Ophe Brasseaux had four children. Three with first wife Anna Sonnier (Leah, Lucia and Fenelon) and one additional daughter with Bertha Broussard Brasseaux, named Anna Brasseaux (Broussard). Ophe had five grandchildren. Two of the grandchildren were daughters of Fenelon. Those were Emily Brasseaux Bodin and Mary Mae Brasseaux. The other three were children of daughter Lucia Brasseaux and her 1st husband Whitney Butuad. Their names were Melvin, Lloyd and Norma Butuad. Ophe had two daughters who never had biological children, but each did raise a relative’s child. Leah raised Emily, Fenelon’s daughter. Anna raised Mary Mae Brasseaux’s daughter Shirley.

Ophe Brasseaux was the son of Aladin Brasseaux and Belzire Broussard. His siblings were Marie Umea, Ophelia, Galbert and Joseph Edward Brasseaux. His paternal grandparents were Auguste Brasseaux and Suzanne Primeaux. His maternal grandparents were Don Louis Martin Broussard (1804-1880) and Magadeline Beniot (born December 14, 1806).

Ophe Brassseaux married Anna Sonnier (daughter of Charles Sonnier and Elizabeth Belair) on October 3, 1885. The Brasseaux’s three children were Leah, Lucia and Fenelon Brasseaux.  The family is unsure what happened to Ophe Brasseaux’s 1st wife Anna Sonnier following Fenelon’s birth in 1890.  We haven’t found records on her death (or life for that matter) as of yet.

The oldest child of the couple was Leah Brasseaux (born on August 4, 1886). She married Osay Broussard, but the couple never had biological children. Leah (and Osay) raised her brother Fenelon’s daughter Emily after her mother (Eva Meyers Brasseaux) died at 22 years old. Emily was about 2 at the time.

Lucia Brasseaux was born in 1887 and married twice. Her first husband was Whitney Butuad. They had three children Lloyd, Melvin and Norma. Her second husband was Adam Landry.

Ophe and Anna’s only son Fenelon Brasseaux was born on March 9, 1890 and married four times:  He first married Eva Meyers on October 8, 1910, who died just four years later on May 14, 1914 of diphtheria and profound blood poisoning.  His second wife was Auneus Broussard, who died in 1940 of cancer. He then married his  third wife Claudia Vincent. His last wife was Marie Nevarre.  Fenelon had one daughter with Eve Meyers. Their daughter Emily Brasseaux Bodin was born on August 7, 1911. He had another daughter with Aenues Broussard Mary Mae Brasseaux February 24, 1917.  Fenelon was a World War I Veteran.

Ophe Brasseaux married Bertha Broussard Brasseaux on February 14, 1898. Ophe had another daughter, Anna Brasseaux circa 1899. The couple and their daughter lived in Vermilion Parish and in Port Arthur, Texas. Ophe and Bertha Brasseaux divorced on January 14, 1942. His daughter Anna (Brasseaux) married Oze Broussard and never had any biological children. They raised Mary Mae Brasseaux’s daughter, Shirley Brasseaux (Broussard). The family isn’t sure is Shirley was ever legally adopted. In school, she used Broussard as her last name.

Ophe Brasseaux died on October 24, 1943.

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