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Social Studies

Music  (Mike Dartez)

Music offers another means of creatively exploring our world and ourselves. Many students express themselves better through music than they ever would by writing an essay. The following are tools for encouraging and enabling students to create musical products.

  • Kisstunes–wonderfully easy site uses keyboard to create music. Compose, save, and share music (requires registration). Here’s my brief first try (Not one lesson!).
  • Glitchscape–very unusual music creation tool in which users draw shapes on a grid, which then become sounds. If you’re into techno, this is the site for you. My example.
  • Noteflight–this one is a bit more advanced (Actual knowledge of scales, chords, and notes is a big plus–thus the reason I won’t be sharing my example.), and it does require registration, but the possibilities make it worth it. Create, share, and export original pieces –very powerful tool!
  • Jamstudio–This one made me feel like I knew what I was doing (Allow me to dream.). Requires registration, but it makes it so easy to create professional sounding music, it is definitely worth it! Choose from a variety of instruments, tempos, moods, etc.

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